Dairy Membrane Key Process Indicators

Dairy plant membrane elementDairy manufacturers face ongoing challenges to maintain production capacity and yield, product quality, and doing so in a safe work environment for their people. An essential part of dairy production is the separation process which uses membrane elements. Not maintaining element performance can cause a shutdown in plant operations and compromise safety and productivity. By setting Key Process Indicators (KPIs), plants can improve yield and production uptime while maintaining standards.

Developing and maintaining KPIs deliver valuable insight into membrane element performance and plant operations from process to changeout and helps ensure efficient and effective operations. Dairy plants should set KPIs for each process step and establish a baseline to measure performance against over time, enabling plants to assess potential impacts on production as well as optimize element reliability, sustainability and performance.

Solecta’s membrane separation solutions leverage process expertise to deliver critical insights to maximize gains during a client’s separation process.

Our team of experts recommends four key process step KPIs to monitor:

  • Process: How can you preserve the health of your membrane systems to meet your target daily throughput?
  • Clean-in-Place: How do you know if your CIP was successful?
  • Maintenance: Do you have your hit list of activities and understand regular maintenance items?
  • Element Changeouts: When is the right time to change out elements?

Download our Key Process Indicators Guide for Membrane Elements for additional tips on maintaining and optimizing your dairy operations.

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