membrane solutions for dairy milk
Membrane Solutions for Dairy

The Dairy Industry

Protecting The Heart Of Your Dairy Process

In today’s highly competitive dairy marketplace, owners and operators are focused on improving yields, minimizing waste, and saving water and energy. Additionally, as market forces change, you need to be nimble in how you address the impacts of this changing environment on your operation.

Optimizing Complex Dairy Processing

Maintaining high-quality standards while optimizing yield and production uptime is critical to your operation, your process economics and your clients. Efficient and effective separation is paramount and small changes can have a significant impact on your operation and your business.

Our Holistic Approach

Dairy processes are highly complex in nature and any change will have upstream and downstream impact. Solecta’s approach to understand our clients’ objectives, combined with a proven process and expertise helps us optimize your dairy operation.

Membrane Solutions Process for Dairy

Membrane Solutions Process for Dairy


Maximize product value and minimize energy consumption.

Producers who are looking to increase concentration of whey prior to transportation or further processing will typically employ membranes as a cost-effective separation process.

Solecta has products and expertise in the below applications:

  • Whey concentration – RO
  • Whey demineralization – NF

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Whey Protein

Increase yield and profitability through improved protein separation.

As the market demand for whey protein increases, producers are challenged with increasing yield, while also optimizing costs of operation. Solecta has extensive experience and a robust product line to support the below applications:

  • Whey protein concentrate (WPC) – UF
  • Whey protein isolate (WPI) – UF
  • Whey defatting – MF
  • High protein solids concentration – NF

membrane solution for dairy whey protein


Enhance protein yield over time while balancing productivity requirements.

Effective separation in various protein concentration ranges is critical for fluid milk processors.  Solecta has robust experience and products in the below applications:

  • Skim & whole milk concentration – RO
  • Milk protein concentrate (MPC) – UF
  • Milk protein isolate (MPI) – UF
  • Milk standardization – UF
  • Casein concentration  – MF

membrane solutions for dairy milk


Increase productivity without compromising quality or hygiene standards.

Permeate generated from both milk and whey UF concentration can be further processed to capture lactose and whey protein, as well as reduce costs for treating wastewater. Solecta has robust experience and products in the below applications:

  • UF permeate (milk, whey) concentration – RO
  • UF permeate demineralization– NF
  • RO permeate polishing – RO

membrane solutions for dairy process

Cheese Brine

Improve product quality and consistency through increased productivity and brine tank turnover.

In order to maintain consistent quality and product attributes in Swiss and Italian cheeses, membranes can be effectively used to remove impurities and microorganisms in recirculating brine. Solecta has both expertise and products across clarification applications:

  • Brine clarification – MF

membrane solution for dairy process

Our value proposition in action:

Applications Expertise Provides $450K Benefit

Upon successful execution of the identified initiatives, client was able to increase profitability through improved WPC yields and improve cheese quality via increased brine turn-over.

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