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Transforming Membrane Processes Globally

Whether you’re trying to optimize your operation, expand to new markets, improve your productivity or maximize your yield, you’ll find your process separation solution with Solecta.

Your Challenges Are Unique.
We Help You Solve Them.


Protecting the heart of your dairy process – improving yields, minimizing waste and saving water and energy.

Food Ingredients

Optimizing performance while improving the bottom line – increasing yield, reducing costs or enabling product differentiation.

Life Sciences

Enhancing performance while ensuring product quality and safety – improving yields, increasing efficiencies and devising innovative approaches for process separations.


Ensuring system reliability while reducing cost of operations – improving production efficiencies and reducing environmental footprint.

Other Industries

Implementing smart separations for a sustainable world – optimizing performance, maximizing profitability and minimizing waste.


“Solecta genuinely cares and wants to see us succeed. They are changing the game on membrane separation.”

Our Solutions

Polymeric Membranes

What if you can tackle the impossible? Learn More

Manufacturing Capabilities

What if you could co-create solutions that impact your bottom line? Learn More

Analytical Services

What if you could find the root cause of every membrane issue? Learn More

Consultative Services

What if your membrane solutions provider took a holistic look at your operations? Learn More

A Holistic Approach

Applying domain expertise and experience in separation processes to identify solutions tailored to your operation and your specific business drivers – taking a holistic view to understand your process environment, not just a unit operation.

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