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Analytical Services

Make sure you understand the nature of the problem to enable and validate a data-driven solution.

We help solve your biggest challenges through our extensive analytical capabilities. We work with you and our partners to find the answers that positively impact people, our planet and your profit. In that order.

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Membrane Autopsy…

When a large dairy was struggling to meet market demand due to inconsistent membrane performance, they asked Solecta for help. The competitor’s membrane and cleaning processes were failing to achieve quality and yield targets, threatening a plant shutdown.

…Unlocked $395,000 in Savings

As part of a comprehensive audit of the facility, Solecta mapped out key processes, modeled operational scenarios and collected elements and other samples for laboratory analysis. An autopsy of membranes uncovered localized fouling, which led to deposit analysis and leak determination from dye testing. The analytical data helped diagnose the root cause of the issue and identify changes to the cleaning and changeout protocols that delivered quality and consistency improvements of over $395,000.

Analytical Capabilities

We don’t just deliver a product. Here are a few ways we offer clients solutions and support.

  • Mean Pore Distribution Testing

  • Membrane Development

  • Element Evaluation System

  • Aqueous & Solid Sample Analysis

  • Microbial Analysis

  • Application Testing & Feasibility Studies

  • Membrane Surface Topography & 3D Analysis

  • Process Stream Characterization & Modeling

  • Proprietary Flat Cell Test System

  • Foulant Analysis

  • Contact Angle Analysis

  • Comprehensive Membrane Testing & Analysis

  • Membrane Autopsies

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