Whey protein concentrate yield
Client Success

Continuous Improvement

Results In Nearly 400,000 lbs Additional Product for Sale

Financial Impact: >$395,000


Cross-functional team created to empower high-impact decisions tied to plant goals


Reduced cleaning surfactant usage by 25% and rinse water by 15%


Identified opportunities to improve protein yield by 354,000 lb/year

Improved brine UF productivity by 20% resulting in improved cheese quality and reduced brine waste disposal costs

The Challenge

A Californian whey processor sought Solecta’s help to meet plant goals and continuous improvement (CI) objectives around yield and quality.

  • Whey protein concentrate yield variability resulted in inconsistent financial performance
  • Shortage of capacity in the cheese brine UF system jeopardized quality standards


The Solution

Working with the client, the team:

  • Established operational parameters for protein yield to define membrane performance Retrofitted brine UF system with a high productivity membrane solution to decrease turn-over time
  • Audited existing cleaning processes and identified opportunity to decrease volumes of both a high-cost CIP chemical and associated rinse water

The Overall Impact

The Client has made significant progress in achieving CI goals, realizing more than $395,000  through increased WPC yields and improvements in cheese quality.

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