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Ensuring e-coat system reliability while reducing cost of operations.

As e-coating operations deal with changing business cycles, they need to remain competitive in both capital expense and operating efficiency.  Solutions oftentimes optimize one, but not both of these areas.

Providing Unique Membrane Technology to Optimize Costs, Improve Production & Increase Sustainable Footprint

Maintaining best-in-class quality standards while optimizing the recovery of valuable paint solids is critical to your electro-coating process, your reputation and your process economics. Unanticipated downtime or disruptions in quality can make or break your business, and incremental changes can have a big impact.

E-Coat Process

By taking a holistic approach in the e-coat process, Solecta has been able to develop some unique solutions that can save water, energy, and cost while maintaining paint quality.

manufacturing e-coat process-min

Optimize quality, recovery and reliability in your e-coat process.

Maintaining first quality paint and a robust e-coat operation are paramount across automobile, heavy machinery, appliance, and parts manufacturers.  Reducing operating expenses also helps manufacturers stay competitive in a highly dynamic marketplace. Solecta has deep expertise and innovative products in the following processes:

  • E-Coat UF Systems
  • Final Rinse Applications
Our value proposition in action:

E-coat System Improvements

Save $114,000 Per Year

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