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Membrane Solutions

Drive The Biggest Impact Through Optimized Process Economics.

You need more than just another membrane company. We help you to holistically approach and solve your most difficult operational challenges and improve your top and bottom lines.

Separation anxiety? We can help.

Solecta has a unique approach to solving operational issues. We start with a deep understanding of your key challenges and your business drivers, and then tailor the right solutions to make a positive impact on your operations.

While our solutions incorporate spiral wound membrane technology, our capabilities extend far beyond this. In fact, the consultative and analytical services we provide to get a deeper understanding of your challenges are key components of the Solecta difference.

We maintain long-standing client relationships by proving our value – quantifying it in terms that translate into business benefit.

Our Capabilities

Polymeric Membranes

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Manufacturing Capabilities

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Analytical Services

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Consultative Services

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Polymeric Membrane Solutions

Solecta’s foundation is spiral wound membrane technology, with a portfolio that can solve challenges across a myriad of industries and applications. We manufacture a wide variety of MF, UF, NF, and RO products in both flat sheet and element configurations, in order to address the needs of our rapidly growing client base.

Our relentless focus on client satisfaction also drives our organization to constantly improve our products and portfolio. As such, we’ve developed world-class manufacturing capabilities and quality systems to make products that deliver consistent results for our clients.

Learn more about our flat sheet and spiral wound membrane solutions.

Consultative Services

We’re Different. Because We Listen First.

Tell us about your challenges, and we will partner with you to develop and implement realistic plans of action that deliver results.

You Can’t Develop A Solution Without First Understanding The Problem.

They say “context is key” and it couldn’t be more true in dynamic process environments. We take a holistic approach to understanding your operations and key business drivers, which is the foundation we build upon for our business relationships.

Our team of experts can provide support to our clients through on-site services, which include detailed process audits, process optimization studies, and support of new membrane system start-up.  We can also support clients through other services, like remote data monitoring and analysis, training, and troubleshooting.

Manufacturing Capabilities

World-Class Manufacturing and Quality Systems.

We are basic in manufacturing of both flat sheet and element products, to help you achieve consistent results in your operation.

Need An Entrepreneurial Partner To Develop & Maintain The Right Products For Your Application?

Because we cast our own membrane, we maintain a level of flexibility to develop new and innovative products for our clients and partners.  Additionally, we can retrofit existing systems with a variety of spiral wound element configurations or work with you to develop the right solution for your application.

We use materials that come from certified, qualified vendors and ensure that we meet the required regulatory certifications that our clients demand. Our global supply chain also allows us to work with partners around the globe.

We use materials that come from certified, qualified vendors and ensure that we meet the required regulatory certifications that our clients demand. Our global supply chain also allows us to work with partners around the globe.


“Solecta provides excellent technical support  – they care about our business and consistently deliver high quality solutions.”

Analytical Services

Trust AND Verify.

Our analytical services will help define the problem, as well as measure the effectiveness of our membrane solutions. We offer both standard and proprietary methods through our laboratory to ensure your success.

Not sure what analyses to perform, or who to turn to?

Solecta has a team of PhD researchers and application experts who can help you put together an appropriate analytical program for your specific challenge.  This highly trained team will then analyze the appropriate process streams and validate the results, so you won’t have to worry about data accuracy.

In addition to analyzing a process stream for its chemical and physical parameters, we can also perform application testing to validate separation efficacy.  You can rely on Solecta to help you then translate analytical results into impact in your operations.

Membrane Solutions Case Study

Innovative Solutions Deliver

$2,000,000 Benefit

Thorough understanding of the situation combined with creativity and technical expertise, delivered a unique solution that increased efficiency, expanded capacity and improved process economics.

Frequently Asked Questions

Membrane filtration relies on a semi-permeable membrane which separates a liquid (feed) into two streams – the “filtered” stream (permeate) and “reject” stream (retentate).  The mechanism for separation is driven by both feed pressure, applied by pumping energy, and size exclusion, which is based on pore size, which will allow passage of materials in the feed stream up to the size of the pores.

Flat sheet membrane, feed spacer, and tricot are wound around a perforated permeate tube.  This configuration creates flow channels for both the process feed stream and permeate, and element design will optimize productivity and reduce fouling potential. Additionally, Solecta’s elements are designed with optimal feed spacer and permeate carrier to ensure consistent, reliable operation.

The simplest answer is pore size of the membrane itself.  However, a more complex answer would also involve the membrane material itself, as well surface layer of the membrane, which also impacts separation selectivity.

Reverse osmosis (RO) membranes are designed to deliver the highest degree of separation – both multivalent and monovalent ions.  In order to increase membrane performance and life, previous separation steps are recommended to prevent fouling and unnecessary cleaning.

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