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Client Success

Co-Creation Solution

Enables New Market Penetration for Corn Processor

Financial Impact: $2,000,000 Savings


The facility was able to expand capacity without increasing labor at the plant.


By reducing operating pressure, the client was able to reduce energy consumption from their feed pumps.


The plant was able to increase both efficiency and production in the same footprint. This improved both top and bottom lines with minimal additional capital or operational interruptions.

The Challenge

In an effort to retain its market leading position, a leading corn wet milling plant wanted to modernize their dextrose clarification system. Existing membrane solutions were insufficient to provide required performance. Given resource challenges, the plant also needed help to develop a solution that met all process and regulatory requirements.

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The Solution

Through a focused discovery and co-creation process, the joint research teams identified a membrane solution that met all requirements. Solecta further developed the technology into a second-generation membrane solution that delivered even higher finished product yield.

The Overall Impact

The client was able to improve productivity by 20%, contributing directly to top line revenue and improved profitability.

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