Car parts during electrocoating process
Client Success

Automotive Manufacturer

Avoids Costly CAPEX Expansion

Financial Impact: $114,000 Savings


Time savings from eliminating quarterly system cleanings

Eliminated safety risk associated chlorinated cleaners


Water savings of 5,500 gal fresh water make up and associated cleaning chemicals per cleaning

Energy savings of 0.034MMBTU


$8,000/yr reduction in element costs

$26,000/yr savings in energy costs

$80,000/yr savings in labor and chemical costs

The Challenge

In response to increasing cost of operations and more stringent environmental regulations, a leading automotive manufacturer asked Solecta to help:

  • Address issues with performance of their e-coat ultrafiltration (UF) system
  • Eliminate chlorinated cleaning chemicals
  • Reduce downtime for maintenance and cleaning
E-Coat unidesign separation solution

The Solution

In collaboration with the client, Solecta helped…

  • Install a new, easy-to-install Unidesign system, which enabled safe and efficient replacement of elements
  • Eliminate quarterly cleanings
  • Reduce energy demand by 10KW/hr

The Overall Impact

Client’s payback for the project was less than 12 months and immediately enhanced personnel safety.

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