Membrane filtration eliminated 9MM Gallons of Deionized Water
Client Success

Automotive Parts Supplier

Eliminates 9MM Gallons of Costly Deionized Water

Financial Impact: >$275,000 Savings


Time savings from eliminating need for weekly resin maintenance


Eliminated 9 MMGY of clean DI water consumption

Reduced discharge to WWTP


Eliminated $227,000/year of DI water costs

Reduced paint waste cost by $135,000/yr

The Challenge

A large automotive parts manufacturer wanted to reduce freshwater consumption, targeting their deionized (DI) water system in the final rinse (FR) step of their e-coat process, all while maintaining finished paint quality.

E-coat case study

The Solution

Installation of Solecta’s new Final Rinse™ membrane solution:

  • Redesigned the water system to allow water from the UF Permeate to be used in the final rinse step replacing the need for fresh DI water
  • Allowed final rinse water to be recycled back to previous rinse step creating a closed-loop water system.
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The Overall Impact

Solecta’s Final Rinse solution allowed client to create a closed loop water system resulting in net annual savings of >$275,000/year

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