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Client Success

Improved asset utilization results in increased whey protein concentrate capture

Financial Impact: $200,000 (With upside of additional $100,000)


Solecta and client worked jointly to implement high performing membrane solution, including the selective placement of high rejection membranes


Improved resource utilization by capturing an additional ~0.43% of protein in higher value WPC product (vs permeate powder)


Improved protein capture by 50K lb/yr of WPC80, equating to $200K in value

The Challenge

A whey processor in Northeastern US sought Solecta’s help to improve protein capture in their whey protein concentration (WPC) system. In addition, WPC¬†yield variability presented an opportunity to improve financial performance

protein success

The Solution

Working with the client, the team:

  • Established operational parameters for protein yield to define membrane performance standards
  • Prescribed changes to UF system, which included the selective placement of a high rejection membrane solution to increase protein capture

The Overall Impact

The client has increased whey protein concentrate yield without sacrificing productivity to deliver increased protein capture of $200K per year – with the potential to increase an additional $100K once the solution is fully implemented.

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